SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It involves strategies and tactics to create and grow organic, natural traffic.

When a customer/ prospect performs a search via a search engine, do they find you or a competitor? SEO is the art getting on the top of organic/ natural search results pages.

Organic listing appears on the left side of the Google search page, sometimes just below the top three paid listing because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being paid advertisements.

You can provide us your preferred list of seed keywords or our experts can analyze you website and suggest keywords for you.

There might be other possible keywords on which your competitors are ranking higher and doing more business. We can analyze your website and suggest you the possible potential keywords, that would give your website more visibility and exposure.

PageRank is a numerical weightage given to each page by Google. It is calculated out of 10 and updated every 3-4 months by Google.

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. It acts as one of the key factors in determining the ranking of your website

We do large number of high quality/ relevant manual back link submissions to improve your sites back link. We use more than 25 different sources for getting back links like directories, articles, blogs, bookmarks, press release, you-tube submission, video submission, local listing, classified posting, etc as per the plan you choose.

We do not buy links. We are involved in natural link building process. So the links you get are mostly permanent links which can not be removed.

Yes, we do industry specific or theme based link based link exchange. Its one of our natural link building process.

White Hat SEO refers to the usage of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.

The term Black Hat SEO is used widely to describe any tactics of search engine optimization which are considered "unethical" or are forbidden by search engines.

We do everything legitimately and strictly following Google webmaster rules. For those websites who do not follow White Hat techniques are de-indexed or blacklisted by Google. None of our customer ever got any penalty for using black hat techniques.

Competitive power is creating a brand for the website over search engines or in the online industry. This will be done with a combination of SEO & SMO techniques.

It is the method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.

Based on the client's requirement, we promote their website in local, national and international markets.

Yes we do. You will get bi-weekly report on your keyword ranking progress.

We do not outsource our SEO Services. We have a dedicated team of 200+ in-house SEO experts together in our US offices in Maryland/ New York and our development centers in India and Singapore, who do the job.

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