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Pay Per Click Services from Google Adwords Certified Consultant

Recent study on consumer-generated search engine results pages reveals the importance of ranking on top in paid search ad listings. The first listing at the top of the SERP page gets a crushing 59 percent of all paid search clicks, while the top ad in right sidebar gets only 4 percent. It follows that your PPC campaign needs to be managed by an expert, who delivers top listing at optimum PPC costs.

Our goal for paid search advertising is to maximize your return on investment. Our PPC strategy is designed to achieve your desired online marketing objectives, whether they are to get a top position in search engines for a specific search query, reduce your cost per click, target more relevant traffic, our aim is to lower your cost per acquisition to ensure that your paid search investment is as profitable as possible.

The leading PPC (pay-per-click) ad platforms are Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter for Bing. We will investigate whichever platform best meets your objectives.

We establish with each of our clients what they want to achieve from a paid advertising campaign- e.g. sales, telephone calls, newsletter sign ups, contact us form submissions or other forms of customer leads- and what our client is prepared to pay for each sale or conversion, i.e. the maximum CPA or cost per acquisition.

We then have a short testing phase for the campaign during which time we test, measure and optimise the campaigns so as to establish actual CPAs for the campaigns which we will then aim to improve further. We are then able to recommend a strategy to maximise the campaign’s performance, which is further tested, analysed and optimised. This can also include Conversion Rate Optimisation, testing different versions of landing pages to identify which versions of web pages converts sales most successfully (using Google Website Optimizer).

Your PPC campaign will be managed by a Google Adwords certified individual.

Our Pay-Per-Click Services includes:

  • comprehensive keyword research
  • Segmentation of target market
  • writing winning ads
  • Ad testing
  • optimum usage of ad budget using pricing strategy
  • continuous monitoring of campaigns
  • suggestions to improve landing pages
  • analytical reports

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